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R1 – The Complete Hospitality Solution

Loved since its introduction in 2006, the R1 is our most popular model among our hospitality customers. With a sensitive DAB and FM receiver we know that many choose to have the radio playing quietly for when guests enter their accommodation, which immediately creates a relaxing ambience. Also with its Bluetooth connectivity, guests can easily connect and enjoy streaming their own content from their smartphones or suchlike devices. Smartphones can also be charged from the USB-C port on the rear. The auto-dimming display makes R1 ideal for use next to a bed and with its sleep timer activated and its relaxing natural sound, the R1 will lull many guests to a perfect night’s sleep.

In addition for R1 we’ve developed software specifically for hotel use which we can customise and install to our client’s requirements prior to dispatch. This allows us to customise the volume output level, limit the built-in alarm to ‘once-only’ and even show your hotel’s name on the display screen when it’s in standby mode.

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